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In association with Lifeblood Theatre Company

COMING UP SPRING 2011 - On Tour Throughout The UK

After Troy
By Glyn Maxwell
Directed by Alex Clifton
(After Hecabe and The Trojan Women by Euripides)

Glyn Maxwell rips up two Greek classics and makes a new English play out of the pieces. Five quarrelling women drawn together by grief…Three exhausted generals who hate each other’s guts… A King who falls for a girl so mad she can see the audience… A teenage princess dreaming of the Underworld… And a lonely man of conscience trying to get it all down on paper…

Love, loss and sarcasm in the smoking ruins of Troy…

“Glyn Maxwell is a superlative writer…..(his) writing gleams with the wit of John Donne delivered in the rhythm of Shakespeare….”
*****The Scotsman

Blind Eye Crying has been developed with the Royal Academy Of Dramatic Art